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BC Wines Sauvignon Blanc 2016

This popular Sauvignon Blanc can be described as a classic, delicate and fruit driven wine with hints of asparagus and green peppers

Characteristics: Dry White Wine

Alc: 12.0% RS: 1.6 pH: 3.23 TA: 5.7g/l

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BC Wines Sauvignon Blanc Vonkelwyn

BC Wines Chenin Blanc 2016

A light and fruity wine for any occasion. Brandvlei Winery uses a selection program to identify, manage and harvest the best of the Chenin Blanc vineyards. The end product is a wine of high quality with lots of fruity bouquets. The guava flavour is the more prominent flavour of this selected "true" wine.

Characteristics: Dry White Wine

Alc:13% RS:1.7 pH: 3.51 TA: 5.6g/l

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BC Wines Chardonnay 2015

A complex wine with citrus aromas. Chardonnay, a versatile cultivar, are well adapted to warmer regions. The grapes are harvested at higher sugar levels, which produce wine with higher alcohol, and fuller, complex wines, with fruity bouquets. Serve cold and enjoy with spicy meals.
Characteristics: Dry White Wine (Lightly wooded)

Alc:13.6% RS: 2.7 pH: 3.50 TA: 5.5g/l

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BC Wines Bacchanté 2015

This is a light and fruity semi-sweet white wine blend of Chenin Blanc and Colombar grapes. The Colombar especially contributes to the fruitiness of this wine.

Characteristics: Off Dry White Wine

Alc: 12.41% RS: 17.5 pH: 3.52 TA: 5.8g/l

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BC Wines Shiraz 2015

A smooth wine with ripe fruit on the nose leading to a soft spicy palate with peppery notes. Rounded off with attractive whiffs of smokey oak. Serve between 14° - 16°C

Alc: 13.73% RS: 2.7 pH: 3.48 TA: 5.4g/l

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BC Wines Ruby Cabernet/Merlot 2015

Ruby red, medium-full, award winning wine, with combined oak and berry flavours. The wine is fermented with French oak chips that contribute to the complexity of the wine (without being dominant).

Characteristics: Dry Wooded Red Wine

Alc:13.7% RS: 2.5 pH: 3.58 TA: 5.4 g/l

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BC Wines Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Inspiration combined with nature's patience has waited for the perfect moment of optimum ripeness to harvest the grapes of this flavourful Cabernet Sauvignon. Dark berries with hints of mocha lifts from the glass and a rounded, well balanced palate gives a lengthy finish.

Characteristics: Dry Wooded Red Wine

Alc:14% RS:2.9 pH:3.60 TA:5.7g/l

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BC Wines Grape Juice

The grape juice is not to sweet. It is best when served cold. It is made of Hanepoot and Chenin Blanc varieties to produce this fruity and delicate product.

Alc: - RS: - pH: - TA:

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