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Our Vineyards

There are more than 1 200 ha of registered vineyards and most of the important cultivars have already been planted. New vineyards are planted according to a long established market orientated cultivation program. New cultivation's are focused on premium cultivars like Sauvignon Blanc, Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz because the Karoo soils and stone terraces are especially suited for the production of quality wines. For quality control purposes, selection blocks are chosen to allow for the identification of the highest quality grapes, which are then harvested together in special selection tanks. The Cellar has been specially designed to enable these grapes to be received and processed separately. This is one of the Cellar’s most exciting projects and the wines bear witness to its success. A Sauvignon Blanc study group assists the producers with the management of this exciting cultivars. Exposure to the wines from every different block and interaction within the group ensure that this cultivars. will take its rightful place in the market in the future.


The Cellar is at the forefront of the industry concerning education and training. A practical introductory viticulture course is presented every year to local farm employees. Candidates are chosen from each of the registered farms. Subjects that are covered include: choices of rootstock and grapevine cultivars for different soil types, irrigation, winter pruning, canopy management, optimum ripeness, safety precautions and regulations when working with chemicals and evaluation of wines.

The Winery

The Cellar is proud to be one of the most modern in the business. This is especially due to the new red wine tanks, manufactured in Italy, that ensure the production of quality red wines. The Cellar also has cold storage facilities where two million liters of juice can be kept at -2°C. Cold sterilizations, especially of export wines, are also done here.


The Brandvlei Cellar and all its members are part of the Integrated Production of Wine. This system will make a concerted effort to conserve natural resources and the environment. It will also assure the well-being and health of the people as well as encourage continually profitable agricultural production in the future.


You are cordially invited to visit the Brandvlei Cellar to enjoy our hospitality and to taste our wines. Organized cellar tours can be presented on request. The Cellar has excellent facilities for receptions and functions. Wines can be tasted and bought on the premises. The complete range of wines is also available at Boland Agri (Pty) Ltd and Worcester Winelands in Worcester.

Our Labels

The lines represent the surrounding mountain range, the peak of which is Jonaskop and is regularly covered with snow in winter. The eye on the range represents Draaivlei which lies next to the cellar.
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